Saturday, April 28, 2007

Apollo the Purifier

Dark as the night you come with your light
Shining upon the world, in your hand the bow
In your eyes so pure the truth of ages to come
From your mouth song flows like a stream
From you skin a perfume of a thousand flowers
And in your hands a golden sword dances.

Lord of the darkness within and without
Great power, with your being of shining light
Disperse the mists of doom and evil.

As you come from the land of the warm sun
All untruth and impure trembles before you
And the whole world shines with you radiance.
With your sword of golden waters and fire,
With your bow which strikes from afar
You fight the serpent of chaos and undoing.
With your eyes which gaze across the time,
With your hands of perfect works
You honour the serpent of origins and mind.

For only you other than Zeus are called Moiragetes,
Only you can read the mind of even the Great King,
Only you can see beyond the being and the mists
And tell the truth from lies. Teach us with your balance.

We who are impure stand before your might
And wonder fills our hearts and our eyes sparkle.
And with your soft hands you touch our forehead
And your light enters our being:
All that was me becomes yours,
All I thought I controlled slips through my hands
In the rape of your golden touch.
But as the sudden bright fills our soul
We become one with ourselves,
We are aware of the divine Ananke
Which permeates our existence.

Divine Apollo Purifier,
I ask you bless your followers
And dispel all evil and darkness
Which is too much from us.
Hail, Great Phoibos!


mudfingers said...

Wonderful tribute to Apollon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really talented!