Monday, May 21, 2007

The Dark Singer

*Some parts of this hymn may be shocking for some people. Please don't read if you are easily impressed (and also if you don't want to learn or come in contact with the dark side of the Gods)*
*Warning Made, enjoy*

Darkness covers the skies
And only your dark gloom shines,
The distance of your eyes amazes
And only frightened we may approach.

Fools we are, mere instants
Whom laugh and sing and dance.
But distant you gaze and shoot,
Your arrows made with pain and sorrow,
Your skin covered in the blood of youngsters,
Your truth so terrifying and lethal.

And you sing and laugh with pureness,
You dance among the piled bodies,
So pure as death, so clear as emptiness,
Your voice commands Thanathos
And the powers of shadow are yours,
For only you can withdraw light.

And we tremble before the dark side,
You who truthfully give us Dionysus,
Whom is both happiness of drunkenness
And the dark myst of death,
For we are fool and cannot see the balance,
How the body must fall and blood be spilled
So our truth self, the divine offered by the Gods,
Whom is both dark and light,
May be released and meet in ecstasy
With the Gods below.

And so you continue to laugh
With a voice that stops our hearts,
You remain in your eternal song
Of death and void beyond our comprehension,
Eternally you dance in the pool of blood.
Oh, so Dark and Plagueful,
Great Apollo, whom strikes from afar!

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