Sunday, December 16, 2007

Know Yourself and Know Your Limits

Apollo is the God of gifts. If you think of it, all gifts can be seen as coming from Apollo: beauty, physical excellence, intelligence, balance, compassion but also cold thought, any form of artistic talent, any skill with the body or the mind. If you have a gift, and you are bound to have at least one, odds are Apollo is related to it somehow. Perhaps it comes from being the God of perfection.

This may seem to draw him nearer humanity, as a distributor of gifts, but because he has all the gifts it actually draws him farther away. He is all we will never be alone, but he is all we could be if we came together and joined our gifts to make our jobs, his lesson is that we need to know ourselves, know what we excel at, then we can contribute with it to the building of a greater humanity, because you cannot try to do it all by yourself, you have to know your limits and be kind with your friends who will help you when your limits can't be overcome.

Knowing thyself and knowing your limits is not meant to be a barrier to your deeds. Instead, it is meant for you to know when to stop and realize that only together, working with the rest of humanity, can we hope to draw nearer the God of Light, who is also, coincidently, God of Community Building and the founding of colonies, in this age spiritual colonies and communities.

So, we need to find our Oracle of Delphi again, not as the physical place where the future is told, but as the spiritual place where all humanity will come together and seek advice from each other, complementing each other with the gifts the god gave us, for that is, in truth, seeking the God himself and having his light as our guide.

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