Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Apollo and Artemis

I have been thinking more and more on Artemis and how she connects to Apollo. I think I am becoming a devotee of the Goddess of Hunt, so, I'll leave you with a book and another image.

First, the book. I haven't read it yet because I don't have much money right now and to pay the shippings bills across the Atlantic I usually buy several books each time, so I'm putting this book on my list and buy it next time. It was written by Thista, keeper of Cataleos. It is on Artemis: Dancing In Moonlight (click the name for a link to Lulu)

And now, another image of Apollo and Artemis, this time seeing them as Gods of Sun and Moon. Done by Malicekisho. Again, click on the image to see it in the original context.


Anonymous said...

is this photo of artemis and apollo, because i am artemis and my brother apollo, we are twins and look like this photo a bit, him blond hair, my'n brown, my eyes blue, his green

Anonymous said...

huh, i guess im artermis, i love her as my favorite goddess of ALL TIMES!