Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Apollo is home!

Heed him! Do you not see?
Do you not recognize the light
Pouring from the windows
Like a violent stream?

Heed him! Do you not feel?
Do you not smell the golden perfume,
Isn't an ever burning flame
Inside you dancing?

Ah, ripples in the lake,
The palm trees waving;
How can't you recognize him
In the wind that blows doors apart?

Away evil! Out with miasma,
Cleanse your soul,
For the ground noisily trembling
Announces the Lord has come!

Golden! All is gold;
Feel the wind in your face,
Open your temple houses,
For Apollo is home!

See the flames stirring,
Listen to the sweet sound of the bow
And sing Ie, Ie Paion!
It is him who comes singing!
Ie, Ie Paion!
See him coming fair and pure
And all together do sing
In your houses and altars
Ie, Ie Paion!
Welcome Lord!
Welcome Apollo!

Poem I wrote to invoke Apollo at the begging of mystic rituals concerning His being (namely my Kyklos Apollon Ritual) and the revival of His cult. The poem is inspired in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful hymns and certainly the best to call for Apollo, though I am a little biased because it was when I called for Apollo with this hymn that I first felt him answer and fell Him by my side and inside me. I speak of the first lines of Callimachus Hymn to Apollo:

How Apollo's laurel sapling shakes!
How the whole temple shakes! Away, away with the wicked!
It must be Phoebus kicking at the door with his fair foot.
Do you not see? The Delian palm nods gently,
All of a sudden; the swan sings beautifully in the air.
Bolts of the doors, thrust yourselves back.
Keys - open the doors! For the God is no longer far away.

I especially like the last "Keys - open the doors! For the God is no longer far away." It fills me with awe and seems so very fit to the revival of an Ancient religion!

PS: the translation is found in Kerenyi's Apollo - The Wind, the Spirit and the God and I don't know who is the translator

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