Friday, November 9, 2007

To Roxy

For a while I haven't post here. My life has been a little busy, but that is no excuse. Apollo harshly remembered me by killing one of the few friends I have... My dog. My posts will re-start with a a little homage to my lost friend.

To roxy

The bright archer has shown his dark face
And now you rest in the embrace of his sister.
Go, reach the Goddess and play with her
For you certainly are fit for the playful Artemis.

I will remember your beautiful eyes
And your sweet nose, dark and moist.
The joy it was to play with you,
How you comforted us when we were down,
How you reached for us and thanked
For as little as a soft tap in your head.

You always seek to please us,
Often you showed confusion,
For we did not know what we want.
But still, you tried to do it…

I will remember your soft hair
And your warm licks,
Your joy and ecstasy every time we got home,
When I came from Lisbon
How you greet me jumping and running.
Now you left us and we are less.

But go, dance in the sky with the Dog Star,
Hunt with the archer in the deep forests,
Howl in the night with the wind that sweeps,
Become whatever you wished to be!


Anonymous said...

I believe you're mistaken about Apollon killing your dog. Even if He is displeased with you, it would be pretty pathetic on His part for Him to do such a thing. Although He has a wrathful side, Apollon is a noble and *honorable* god.

My condolences to you on the loss of your beloved pet.

Miguel Oliveira said...

I don't mean he killed my dog because I he was displeased with me. My dog died out of Leishmaniose, which is a disease and, so, spread by Apollon. I am not mad at him, it is just the natural balance. In that night, however, I just kept remember that sceene in the Iliad where Apollo starts by killing the dogs and then the people because he is mad at them.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I understand. Lovely poem btw. I find your blog to be very insightful, so keep up the good work. :)